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What Our Clients Say About Us

Extraordinary, but true. This is what clients have said ...

You're fabulous. You're a star, I'm so glad, so glad.
(L.B. 7 November 2018)

When you're telling me the things then I understand it ... you're very good.
(L.C. 25 October 2018)

I had a lot of angst about my tax before I came to see you. Now it's worry free.
(H.W. 25 September 2018)

Many thanks for your service over the past few years. It has been a pleasure to work with you and benefit from your expertise and professionalism.
(S.J. 12 September 2018)

You are always so clear!
(L.P. 26 January 2018)

Thank you very much. That was painless, as usual.
(M.R. 3 January 2018)

You don't understand what a weight that is off my mind.
(J.K. 19 December 2017)

Coming to see you is a joy.
(D.G. 18 December 2017)

Your service has always been exceptional.
(C.E. 12 October 2017)

You have been an enormous help to me, as usual. I really appreciate your help.
(T.N. 3 July 2017)

I really appreciate you explaining that to me. You make it so much clearer.
(F.B. 5 April 2017)

It was lovely to see you. Now, I feel really happy and well prepared.
(J.C. 5 April 2017)

You've been a lot more helpful than I anticipated. It's been brilliant.
(D.R. 2 March 2017)

I enjoy these sessions !!
(P.H. 21 Feb 2017)

You've put my mind at rest, I'm so glad I've got you.
(V.C. 18 Jan 2017)

Painless. That's perfect.
(M.H. 7 Jan 2017)

This always feels like a bargain.
(T. P. 16 Dec 2016)

It's all been nice and quick and a hell of a lot cheaper than before. (Our fee was £240, the previous accountant's was between 500 and 600.)
(D.A. 14 Dec 2016)

You were more helpful in ten minutes than xxxxx was in two meetings.
(B.J. 7 Dec 2016)

You're like a wizard! So quick.
(M.H. 28 Sept 2016)

... thank you again for such an efficient morning. I am still marvelling at your talents.
(M.W. 8 Sept 2016)

I like this ... I don't have to do anything ... I'm so impressed, I really am.
(C.P. 7 Sept 2016)

I'm really impressed ... unbelievable ... amazing.
(R.W. 23 May 2016)

You're an absolute star.
(C.W. 10 May 2016)

You are so worth every penny.
(S.G. 9 May 2016)

Thank you again ... you do make it (tax return completion) a surprisingly fun experience.
(J.K. 5 May 2016)

That's a great relief. You make the whole process worry free. That's the best (210) I've spent this year.
(N.M. 27 April 2016)

Oh ... you're the best!
(E.B. 10 Feb 2016)

You have provided a great service and have answered all my questions without judgement no matter what they have been.
(D.J. 1 Feb 2016)

I feel so much better and in safe hands.
(N.M. 27 Jan 2016)

A thousand thanks for the speed and efficiency with which you have settled my tax affairs.
(P.M. 18 Jan 2016)

With many thanks for all your kindness and patience.
(R.I. letter undated)

That feels really good. Thank you so much ... (But your website?) It's like the worst website I've ever seen.
(J.K. 3 Dec 2015)

This was a really wonderful, wonderful visit. Thank you so much.
(D.B. 3 Dec 2015)

That's been enormously helpful. Thank you very much indeed.
(R.O. 16 Nov 2015)

This has been so great. A great burden of worry off my mind.
(D.M. 13 Nov 2015)

That's great. That's taken a great weight off my mind.
(S.C. 11 Nov 2015)

I can't believe that. You're so quick, it's amazing. Thank you ever so much.
(S.C. 8 September 2015)

I can't tell you how much stress you've taken off my shoulders. That's fantastic. I'm so relieved to have met you.
(N.M. 21 July 2015)

Brilliant! That's brilliant, thank you. Thank you so much.
(V.E. 7 July 2015)

That's fantastic!
(R.B. 12 June 2015)

On a serious note, you are wasted in tax. Your ability to amuse and brighten the day of a weary consumer like me is a rare talent.
(C.E. 2 June 2015)

Very educational ... pleasure ... awesome...
(N.M. 20 May 2015)

I feel like I can ask you anything. You don't know how grateful we are.
(M.J. 27 April 2015)

I love this. It's perfect.
(G.W. 16 April 2015)

You're brilliant. I can't believe that.
(S.H. 14 April 2015)

Thank you for your wonderful patience and good humour ...
(P.H.28 January 2015)

It's more fun than the dentist, and it's probably cheaper, too.
(G.D.16 December 2014)

Thank you once again for another ruthlessly efficient self assessment return.
(T.P. 10 December 2014)

This is unbelievable. This is the first time I've not had to pay tax.
(M.Q. 26 November 2014)

That's why I love coming here. You go after it (tax return completion) like a dog after a rabbit.
(P.M. 11 November 2014)

What a nice start to my day ... because I don't need to pay any tax.
(V.M. 26 September 2014)

That was quick and easy. You're a hero.
(P.E. 2 September 2014)

You've been a great help. And good company. I couldn't have managed the consultancy without you.
(P.H. 1 September 2014)

I don't know how you do it. Thank you very, very much.
(H.W. 26 August 2014)

Thank you. That's such a relief.
(S.K. 22 August 2014)

That's a great weight off my mind.
(N.W. 24 July 2014)

I don't know what I would've done without you.
(C.R. 24 July 2014)

That was good, kind and quick. Brilliant.
(E.B. 4 July 2014)

I don't know what I'd have done without you ... really scary.
(J.C. 2 July 2014)

Thanks for your patience and generosity.
(C.E. 29 April 2014)

You speak in plain English, which is very good for me.
(J.F. 17 April 2014)

We are reassured by your integrity and humanity.
(A.N. & M.N. 30 January 2014)

You make it look so easy. ... it's been a pleasure.
(G.D. 29 January 2014)

That was really quick. Thank you for making it very simple, as well.
(E.B. 21 January 2014)

Thanks for your quick responses - I love the efficiency, worth every penny ... You are good!
(V.C. 28 November 2013)

Oh, I love you, Raibeart! (Two "I love you"s in less than a week. We must be doing something right!)
(N.R. 10 June 2013)

I love you ! You're amazing. I always love coming to see you.
(M.F. 7 June 2013)

I really appreciate your patience.
(L.B. 3 June 2013)

You're worth every penny.
(Jane C. 20 May 2013)

... very efficient ... Thanks for your quick response.
(N.B. 9 May 2013)

That's a surprise. A very nice surprise. That's very ... You've made my day. This is turning out a very good day. Thanks for all your help.
(Jo C. 8 May 2013)

... and thanks as always for your excellent service.
(J.S. 10 March 2013)

You have been so kind. Thank you so much. You've put my mind at rest. Thank you.
(A.A. 11 March 2013)

Thank you very much for your help ... I very much appreciate your generosity and willingness to spare your precious time.
(S.S. 4 March 2013)

I'm thrilled. I'm really happy.
(A.F. 6 February 2013)

Is that really it? When I did it myself it was far more painful.
(T.M. 20 November 2012)

A real pleasure to do tax! How can that possibly be?
(R.J. 12 November 2012)

A very efficient and awesome service.
(S.B. 14 November 2012)

A great load has been lifted from my mind.
(J.W. 18 October 2012)

You provide me with an invaluable service.
(I.G. 17 October 2012)

Fantastic. You told everything so clear. Thank you so much.
(O.G. 12 October 2012)

You're wonderful. You've lifted a huge weight off my mind.
I never thought that I would come to an accountant and laugh so much.

(F.H. 9 October 2012)

Gosh. That was very painless. That's great.
(A.J.W. 2 October 2012)

Money well spent. Very efficient
(P.H. 25 September 2012)

When I've spoken to you it seems so easy.
(L.B.H. 21 September 2012)

My one regret is not seeing you earlier. That is superb. Thank you very much indeed.
(R.K. 13 July 2012)

You were really nice to talk to.
(L.P.11 July 2012)

I feel like a whole weight's been lifted. Thank you.
(M.A. 5 July 2012)

It's like a massive weight taken off my shoulders. Unbelievable. Best money I've spent all year.
(G.W 11 June 2012)

Oh! That's such a good result. Fantastic. Thank you very much. Brilliant.
(J.C. 16 May 2012)

Thank you for supplying exemplary service and additional expert advice.
(V.C. 11 May 2012)

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It just takes the stress out of it.
(S.K. 3 April 2012)

It's like a massive thing has just come off my shoulders. You're a wonderful man.
(A.K. 9 March 2012)

I feel a lot better, now.
(P.H. 8 February 2012)

This is good advice.
(S.D. 20 January 2012)

THANK YOUUUUU, you are a Star. I wish there were more people in the world like you.
(L.P. 20 January 2012)

I'm suddenly feeling so relieved, I can't tell you.
(S.S 15 December 2011)

That was actually a lot less painful than I thought it would be.
(B.WP. 18 November 2011)

Excellent! That's a weight off my mind.
(L.BH. 17 November 2011)

Many thanks for all your help!
(S.B. 30 October 2011)

It was really great meeting you and being able to do things so quickly - many thanks.
(A.L. 18 October 2011)

That was very painless.
(K.S. 11 October 2011)

Thank you for making it so easy.
(D.B. 5 October 2011)

That's a weight off my mind like you wouldn't believe.
(J.I. 4 July 2011)

I wish I'd known about you sooner. You've taken a lot of weight off my mind.
(R.P. 16 June 2011)

So quick ... I should pay you more.
(T.T. 10 May 2011)

Excellent job.
(K.D. 6 July 2011)

... painless ...
(P.C. 16 Dec 2010)

Peace of mind ... it may cost money, but it's worth it.
(A.M. 10 Dec 2010)

... really, really helpful ... very efficient ...
(J.G. 3 December 2010)

That's marvellous!
(I.G. 22 November 2010)

I'm feeling much better now
(G.C. 19 November 2010)

Painless, so painless.
(L.BH. 6 October 2010)

That's brilliant. Thank you so much. That's great!
(S.J. 30 September 2010)

Raibeart, you're a star!
(M.S. 9 September 2010)

We're so pleased with what you do for us. It's so easy for us.
(C.J. 21 July 2010)

That was quick. That was very quick.
(C.P. 21 July 2010)

This is worth every penny.
(S.N.B. 7 June 2010)

You have the patience of a saint.
(M.W. 26 Feb 2010)

Cheers mate. You're a good man.
(E.A. 27 January 2010)

I am having a slight sensation of euphoria ... getting this done so quickly.
(R.P. 11 January 2010)

You're very quick. I like that ... You're super speedy, aren't you... You make it seem very straightforward ... You're very good.
(G.J. 27 November 2009)

I appreciate your sense of humour. It lightens things. Thank you very much indeed.
(G.P. 9 November 2009)

I had no idea it would be this easy.
(H.C. 1 October 2009)

I'd like to pay you a little more ... you were so helpful ...
(S.S. 24 July 2009)

You've provided me with some very sage and sound advice. Thank you.
(C.E. 15 May 2009)

I rather enjoy coming to see you.
(J.F. 14 May 2009)

It's a pleasure to do my tax in your office. So much better ... You are very good at your job.
(N.R. 11 May 2009)

You're a very sound person.
(C.W. 7 April 2009)

Perfect. You're so efficient ...
(R.F. 31 Jan 2009)

I'm very happy. I'm a very happy man.
(G.T. 30 Jan 2009)

To be honest, I'd pay £2000 ... the ease of coming here is money well spent.
(S.G. 30 Jan 2009)

That's fantastic. That's absolutely marvellous. Thank you.
(P.H. 29 Jan 2009)

You make accounts a joy. You're a star.
(N.R. 27 Jan 2009)

That's fantastic. Thank you.
(S.S. 13 Jan 2009)

This is brilliant. I'm very impressed.
(M.H. 14 Jan 2009)

That's a huge relief.
(K.R. 6 October 2008)

Don't make me laugh, it makes my face ache.
(S.E. 17 September 2008)

(D.D. 12 September 2008)

Wow! That was good. You've saved me at least a weekend (working on my tax return).
(L.S. 10 September 2008)

Thanks a lot. A hundred times. A thousand times. Excellent, I'm so happy.
(S.B. 8 September 2008)

Thank you very much, Raibeart. That was very helpful.
(A.F. 3 September 2008)

You make everything look so simple
(M.T. 7 May 2008)

You're worth every penny.
(M.F. 2 January 2008)

Definitely the best £199 I've spent all year.
(L.L. 6 November 2007)

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. You made this simple, very very simple. That's brilliant. That was painless. Absolutely painless.
(M.P.M. 15 October 2007)

This is just ... oh, you have no idea what a Godsend this is.
(F.C. 2 October 2007)

I'm delighted with the work you've done for me.
(D.M. 1 October 2007)

I really enjoyed that. It was really easy.
(N.D. 28 September 2007)

That's excellent service. I didn't expect it to be so quick.
(D.J.M. 6 September 2007)

I've learned more from you in an hour than I've ever learned before ... your style is very impressive.
(J.B. 17 August 2007)

...excellent explanation ... great ... thanks a lot.
(M.A. 22 September)

That was really beautiful and helpful. That's brilliant. Thank you very much.
(K.G. 22 September)

You've been fantastic. That was great, great, great. Thank you.
(K.B. 15 September)

When you put it like that, it makes it so easy.
(son of I.D. 13 September)

(R.W. 13 September)

That was amazing.
(P.B. 8 September)

Phew! That's taken a load off my mind.
(C.D. 6 September)

I like your figures better.
(A.H. 6 September)

Many, many thanks, once again.
(R.H. 28 July)

Excellent ... thanks, again ... very efficient.
(V.R. 26 July)

... been a pleasure doing business with you ...
(A.B. 22 July)

Thanks ... (it's been a) pleasure, as always, to do with business with you.
(M.G. 13 July)

You've told me more in the last 5 minutes (about tax) than my accountant has in the last 5 years.
(Jane 6 July)

Great ... wonderful ... brilliant ...
(L.B. 15 June)

If that's all (the tax) I've got to pay, you've done a great job.
(D.P. 14 June)

I'm so glad you're doing this. We'd have been sunk without you.
(E.B. 10 June)

You put it so succinctly. It all seemed so complicated, before.
(I.S. 27 April)

To the point. I like that about you.
(P.F. 26 April)

That's brilliant. Thank you very much. I can sleep now. Ever since I came to see you (about my tax), it's been brilliant.
(K.W. 19 April)

It's always so good to talk to you. It clarifies everything.
(C.W.A. 12 April)

I am most grateful for your efficient and prompt assistance.
(G.K. 7 April)

Excellent ... you're very reassuring.
(R.I. 24 March)

That's great. That's put my mind at rest. That's very kind of you.
(R.D 8 Feb)

Thank you very much for your patience ... and understanding. Thank you very much indeed.
(W.T. 8 February)

I'm so pleased I found you.
(T.S. 27 January)

That was painless. Bless you.
(H.B. 27 January)

Thanks for what you've done. I really appreciate it.
(P.H. 27 January)

An enjoyable tax return ... and do you know what? ... I never thought I'd hear myself say that ... I hate tax returns!
(R.J.B. 19 January)

That's brilliant. That makes a huge difference to us.
(C.M. 7 January)

You are a bargain. I couldn't do without you.
(R.H. 1 December)

Excellent job!
(R.D. 1 December)

I'm happy. I’ve saved £650 in accountancy fees and I’m paying less tax.

I found this significantly less painful than doing it myself. That's excellent.

It's been really good. I enjoyed that ... enlightening.
(T.M. 25 November)

That's lovely, thank you. That's a weight off my mind.
(L.F. 25 November)

It's always so reassuring to talk to you.
(P.M. 22 November)

Wow! That was quick.
(Mrs.S. 4 November)

You've been wonderful with all (this).
(J.L. 4 November)

I couldn't talk to another accountant like I talk to you ... it's always a pleasure to see you.
(G.S. 7 December)

£199 well spent...that's absolutely grand.
(Client ref 888)

...fantastic, thank you ... I wish I’d come to you before ... I’m very happy ... I can now relax.
(J.B. 15 September)

Gosh! This is by far the best way of doing it.
(J.P. 3 September)

The most painless personal tax I've ever done.
(P.M. 1 September)

That's taken a load off my mind ...

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