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The Full Tax Return Service

... another excellent service at a remarkable price - normally £49pcm

We complete tax returns for people from all walks of life. For just £240, all inclusive. But, if you want more, we can give you more.

We pride ourselves in offering a top quality service - second to none. We have the "gold standard" tax qualification and we have many years of experience - see about us for more detail on qualifications and experience.

How the full service works

Give us a call, see Contact Us, to arrange either an appointment or a telephone appointment. If you're not local, or if you don't want to visit our office, we can complete your tax return without meeting you.

Often, we can complete your tax return form itself in one sitting and you will leave with the completed forms (if we meet) or we'll send you your completed tax return by post or email (if we don't meet).

Once you have approved the tax return we will submit it for you over the internet (unless you decide otherwise). We do not need to pre-register with HMRC or to wait for passwords etc from HMRC, we can submit it immediately.

You can pay us by internet transfer, cheque or credit card.

This is what you get:

Free initial consultation - up to 60 minutes - ask as much as you like without being charged
Completed tax return form
Your tax calculation completed on your tax return
A copy of your tax return form for your records - on paper or pdf
A tax computation, detailing your tax position for the year and showing your payment / repayment dates and amounts
Refund applied for (if applicable)
Submission of your completed tax return to the Revenue online
Reduction of your payments on account for next year - if you wish
Bookkeeping software - if you wish

PLUS With the FULL TAX RETURN SERVICE you also get

MacDougall & Co act for you. We look after all the practical aspects of your personal tax. This includes

Unlimited 'on call' telephone tax advice - Ask us anything

Unlimited routine correspondence with HMRC - Just send us those brown envelopes

Agent authorisation - We act as a buffer between you and HMRC. HMRC is allowed to communicate with us rather than just with you

Unlimited notices of coding checked - Pay the correct tax at the correct time

Unlimited reminders about deadlines - No more penalties. Never forget your tax return, again. When you're running late or your tax return is due we'll contact you by email, phone call, text or letter - you choose. Repeatedly, until it is complete - or you ask us to stop

Available on the phone after normal working hours - as well as during the normal working day

This what J.C. said about us,
"You're worth every penny."
and this what F.C. said about us,
"This is just ... oh, you have no idea what a Godsend this is."
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