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Protection Against HMRC Enquiry

We currently include a form of insurance in our fee that means that you won't normally have to pay for professional services to defend you if HMRC challenge the figures that we submit. Once you have paid our fee you are covered to the 31 January next. You will be able to use professionals completely free of any further charge.

This is a 'claims made' policy between MacDougall & Co and an insurance company. This is important. Please see the policy terms and conditions at

MacDougall & Co started to offer this service at 1 February 2018. It is NOT the same as the more expensive service that we used to offer and which you can still elect to join.

The more expensive Professional Fee Protection (PfP) that we have been offering for some years costs 20% of our fee - you add the 20% when you pay. You may choose each time when paying whether you require this or not. These are not the full terms and conditions.

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