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On this page, when we say ‘use’ we mean ‘obtain use process and disclose’.

In order to do the work that you ask us to do, we use personal data belonging to you.   Most of this comes from you but some is acquired elsewhere.   We use your data on a contractual basis not on the basis of consent.  

We take great care of your personal data.   We store it under lock and key.   It is password protected and / or encrypted.   It is also kept behind (literally) locked doors.   We also back-up off-site.   This is encrypted.   All your data is kept in the UK.

When we no longer need your data to do the work that you have requested we will destroy it. Because of the nature of our work, your personal data will be destroyed when it is 7 years old.

How did we decide to keep your data for 7 years?   It is considered wise to retain tax documents and relevant supporting documents for almost 7 years.   The law states a minimum period of 4 years.   Both these figures vary according to the kind of income you have or the kind of legal entity you are.   Other laws require that particular data is retained for specific periods of time (for example, the POCA AML regs specify 5 years).   In order for both you and we to be protected by insurance(s) data needs to be kept until the statute of limitations expires.  

In order to ensure that we keep your personal data for as long as it may be useful and for no shorter time than the law requires, we

  • will (if you are no longer an active client of ours) delete all your personal data shortly after the seventh anniversary of the final tax return that you instruct us to complete or seven years after the 5 April after the final piece of work that you instruct us to carry out, whichever is the later, unless the data is required for action being taken in a court

  • will (while you remain an active client of ours) delete any relevant personal data shortly after the seventh anniversary of the tax year to which it relates or after the seventh anniversary of when the work was carried out, whichever is the later, unless the data is required for action being taken in a court

  • will obtain use process and disclose the name of your spouse or partner – if applicable – this is the only piece of personal data that we hold that is not a strict requirement of the work we do for you

As well as enabling MacDougall & Co to discharge the services you request we will also use your personal data for other legally permitted purposes including updating and enhancing client records analysis for management purposes and statutory returns crime prevention and legal and regulatory compliance

You have a right of access under data protection legislation to the personal data held about you

You also have a right to request the deletion of personal data about you

Certain obligations imposed upon MacDougall & Co by legal statute override both your consent and your rights.  Also, in some circumstances other than obligations under statute we may be unable to comply with your request to delete personal data.

MacDougall & Co

  • will comply with the GDPS

  • will not use your data for marketing

  • reserve the right to disclose their files to regulatory bodies in the exercise of their powers

  • will carry out a search of public and private records to verify your identity

When you become a client we will provide you with a full copy of our privacy notice.   This web page is just a summary.   The privacy notice and our letter of engagement take precedence over everything else.



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