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NO NASTY SURPRISES we agree a fee before we do the work - and we're happy to do this in writing.

Our prices haven't increased since 1980 ! In fact, they have gone down by over 50%. True or false? Check here. You might be surprised.

We can't list a price for everything that we are asked to do, but here's a flavour: You can pick and choose ...


Tax return completion for an individual or a partnership (not an LLP) £210. Includes employees, self employed, directors, partners, retired, small businesses, lettings and much more ... more info ...

The full personal tax return service act as your tax agent (a buffer between you and HMRC), including completion of your personal tax return, represent you with HMRC, unlimited 'on call' telephone tax advice, deal with unlimited regular correspondence from HMRC (including checking unlimited notices of coding), and generally look after you and your tax. If you subscribe to this service you can also contact us outside normal office hours. Please phone us for a price. We can offer you a fixed price or work on an hourly rate. Expect a fixed price to be around £49pcm ... more info ...

Unlimited 'on call' telephone tax advice - Ask us anything. On its own, this costs £210pa, but see '**', below.

Unlimited routine correspondence with HMRC - Just send us those brown envelopes. On its own, this costs £210pa, but see '**', below.

Agent authorisation - We act as a buffer between you and HMRC. HMRC is allowed to communicate with us rather than just with you. On its own, this costs £210pa, but see '**', below.

Unlimited notices of coding checked - Pay the correct tax at the correct time. On its own, this costs £210pa, but see '**', below.

Unlimited reminders about deadlines - No more penalties Never forget your tax return, again. When you're running late or your tax return is due we'll contact you by email, phone call, text or letter - you choose. Repeatedly, until it is complete - or you ask us to stop. On its own, this costs £210pa, but see '**', below.

Available on the phone after normal working hours - as well as during the normal working day. On its own, this costs £ POA.

References for loans, embassies, jobs, etc (if we have completed the tax work or accounts) from £50 each. Or less. Ask us about reduced prices if you'll require several.

** = but if you would like this you might get better value if you choose our full personal tax return service, above.

Form a limited company (LTD) while you wait, in the name of your choice, under £20 ... more info ...

Limited Company / Limited Liability Partnership Prepare and submit - to both the Revenue and Companies House as applicable - full accounts, abbreviated accounts, tax computations, and self-assessement tax return for a limited company (LTD) or a limited liability partnership (LLP) from £900 ... more info...

Limited Company all in 'Premium' service, includes everything in para above plus incredibly helpful online software to help you complete your records, make vat returns, estimate your corporation tax to date at any time, full software support and much much more - just £125pcm. Ask us for more detail.

For bespoke tax work, we will give you a price before we start the work. Prices start at £nil.

We can't give you a price estimate on dealing with Revenue Enquiries until we have seen what the Revenue are asking you ... more info ...

We offer both a fixed price service or a 'charge by the hour' service. Which would you like?


Because we always offer you your first meeting free, we can be relaxed about discussing with you what you need and what it will cost

We are always happy to give you your price in writing

If you have your first meeting with us in the next twelve months we will never charge you vat. Never. To qualify for this amazing offer you must print this page and bring it with you when we meet.


Terms & Conditions A detailed 'Letter of Engagement', or client contract, is produced at the commencement of any assignment which sets out our terms and conditions of business, including what we will do for you and our fees. The work that we do for you is defined by this letter of engagement. Although everything on this website is written in good faith it does not form any part of any contract.


Please contact us if you would like more information.

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